4. 1. 2010

January 2010 Philatelic Auction Calendar

Our WebSite details all of the upcoming month's public philatelic auctions; we invite you to bookmark it as one of your 'Favorite Places'.

The January '10 edition of the Philatelic Auction Calendar reviews thirty-nine (39) major worldwide auctions, to include detailing their contents, and provides links to the auctioneers' catalog WebSites, as well as their E-Mail Addresses.

The WebSite reports and continuously updates the monthly 'Philatelic Auction Calendar', and presents more, including:

~ Links to the more than 240 major worldwide Philatelic Auctioneers' E-Mail Addresses and WebSites...
~ Auctioneer's Announcements on Future Sales and Other Trade Information... UPDATED FOR JANUARY '10
~ Philatelic and Other Useful WebSites...
~ A Philatelic Auction Glossary...
~ The beginnings of a master listing by Country of the worldwide classics-era numerical and alphabetical obliterators (cancellations)...

Auction Agent representation is available for the public philatelic auctions being conducted during the month of January '10. The auctions' details, including their contents, will be found on our WebSite.

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