29. 8. 2014

Issue of the commemorative postcard SBĚRATEL / COLLECTOR

Issue of the commemorative postcard

On the 3rd  September, 2014 the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic is going to issue a commemorative postcard Collector with imprinted literal postage stamp „A“. The letter „A“ corresponds to the price of an ordinary domestic letter – standard to 50 g in accordance with the Price list of basic postal services in the current version – at present amounting to CZK 13.
A definitive A-stamp depicts the logo of the fair Collector. Under the stamp is the microline with the Czech microtext Czech Post, PTC, 2014. To the left of the stamp is the logo of Czech Post and a hologramm serving as a protective component.On the left-hand side of the postcard is depicted the logo Praga Piccola – the International philatelic exhibition.
The postcard is issued on the occassion of the first year of the International philatelic exhibition Praga Piccola which from this year will accompany the Collector fair . The exhibition will take place together with the fair on the exhibition grounds PVA Expo Prague – Letňany from the 4th till 6th September, 2014. This year, Praga Piccola exhibits examine the anniversary of the Great War (WW) and breakdown of Austria-Hungary. The exhibition will continue to focus on members of the general public with the aim of showing them the beauty of the art of collecting and of attracting new prospective collectors.
The author of the graphic arrangement of the stamp and of the postcard is the graphic artist Václav Zapadlík. The postcard has been printed by the Post Printing House in Prague by full-coloured offset.
The selling price of the postcard is 18 CZK and the postcard is valid  from the 3rd September, 2014.
Česká pošta, s.p.