31. 5. 2015

Issue of the commemorative postage stamp: Peronalities: Master Jan Hus

On the 17th June, 2015 the Ministry of  Industry and Trade  of the Czech Republic will  issue a commemorative postage stamp in the denomination of 13 CZK from the issue of Personalities. On the stamp is a portrait of Master Jan Hus. 
Master Jan Hus (often referred to in English as John Hus or John Huss) was born around 1370 in Husinec and died on the 6th July, 1415 in Constance. The teaching of this significant theologian, preacher and medieval Church reformer led to the creation of the Hussite movement and the launch of the Church Reformation movement. 
Hus was one of the first Church reformers who forerun the following reformers Luther, Calvin and Zwingli by almost one century. He studied at the University of Prague where he became a teacher in 1398 and the dean of the Faculty of Arts in 1401. In 1409-1410, he served as chancellor of the University and advocated a larger share of Czechs in the University management. After his ordination as a priest, he was appointed a preacher at the Bethlehem Chapel in Prague since 1402. In his religious works he criticised the moral failings of the Catholic Church. For instance, in his major writing on the Church, entitled “De Ecclesia”, Hus tried to prove that the head of the Church is Jesus Christ so that Christians do not have to obey the pope if his orders contradict the Bible. This meant an attack against the pope’s right to act as the head of the Church. He accepted some of the ideas of English theologian John Wycliffe who is together with Hus considered as one of the first Church reformers. Both criticised crusades and called for following the Bible.
Jan Hus is considered as one of the greatest Czechs. The date of his burning at stake became a Czech public holiday. His legacy was adopted by the Hussites and later also by other denominations originating in the Czech and Protestant Reformation movements.
The author of the design of  the  issue  is  the academic painter and graphic artist Vladimír Suchánek, the linear drawing and engravings of FDC are the work of the graphic artist and engraver  Miloš Ondráček.
The stamp, sized 23 x 40 mm  has been printed  by  the Post  Printing House in Prague  by multicoloured offset with linear drawing in printing sheets of 50 pcs. 
There  will be  1 First Day Cover incl. commemorative cancellation. In the picture part of the cover is a fragment of a medieval woodcut of the burning of Master Jan Hus. The cover is  printed by offset in black. On the postmark is a Gothic letter H and the text: Husinec, 17.6.2015
The stamp is valid  from 17th June, 2015.  
Date of issue: 17th June, 2015
Graphic arrangement: Vladimír Suchánek
Engraver of the linear drawing and engraving of FDC: Miloš Ondráček
Picture size: 23 x 40 mm
Face value: 13 CZK
Method of the printing of the stamp: multicoloured offset with linear drawing
Method of the printing of the FDC: offset in black
Number of stamps in the printing sheet: 50 pcs 
Number of the FDC´s: 1 pc
Subject of the stamp: a portrait of  Master Jan Hus
Subject of the  FDC:  a fragment of a medieval woodcut of the burning of Master Jan Hus
Editor: Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic
Producer: Post Printing House, Ortenovo nám. 16, CZ-170 04 Praha 7
Supplier: PostFila, Export Department, Ortenovo nám. 16, CZ-170 24 Praha 7