7. 2. 2010

Spectecular philatelic literature auction! Boekenland # 47

Due to the coming changing of the premises, there will be on auction February, 28, 2010 over 10.000!! books, offered in 843 lots. All lots have a starting price of just ONE EURO!
You will find the catalogue on the download page of the site: http://www.filatelist.com As usual, all lots are on view:
24 February 2010: 9.30 – 17.30 uur

27 February 2010: 9.30 – 17.30 uur
28 February 2010: 9.00 – 15.30 uur
Directly followed by the auction. All lots can be taken directly after the auction, against cash payment. Please note: there is no possibillity for electronic payment, but a cashing machine is nearby in the shopping centre.
Other days: by appointment!
All viewing in the own premises:

Vijfhuizenberg 165
4708 AJ Roosendaal
(mail only to: Postbus 170, 4700 AD Roosendaal)

Enclosed in the PDF file with the catalogue you will find the sprecial terms for this auction. Please read them carefully, since they differ much from normal sales terms! A bid sheet is envlosed in the file as well.

In case you send your bids by email or fax, and you do not use the signed bid sheet, you need to declare that you have read the special terms and agree on.

Due to the enormous size of the auction as well as the lots, it is unfortunately not possible to give any further information about the contents of the lots. It is however worth paying a visit to have a look yourself! (please note that you might need some time to see what you want to see!). As a bonus for visiting, on presenting the bid sheet you will get free of charge a bundle of cover pockets (value Euro 10.90) and in case you live 250 km or more from Roosendaal, you even will even receive two bundles.

In case you travel frequently, you might find it interested to have the catalogue on your smartphone. When making a picture of the 2D matrix in the heading of this message, you will get the catalogue in seconds on your screen!

Best regards,
René Hillesum