2. 9. 2009

PROFILA Hungary Auction

80. Profila ROOM Auction: Hungarian Philately and Postal History in: Hotel Kempinski Budapest 20. September 2009.

Hungarian stamps and postal history

Please take a look at our unusual rich selection lithograpical and engraved lots, which contain a lot of rare ones. Further representative materials can be found in the part of the Prephilatelic and Austrian Post.

Mail bidding possible till 19. September 24:00

The whole auctionsmaterial is available on our homepage!

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Further please take a look at our other actual philatelic auctions: 129. Profila Special MAIL Auction - Commemorative stamp 20th of September 2009. (Sunday) 24:00 (CET)

Mail auctionWe offer:- Commemorative stamps (from 1900)- Commemorative Lots- Books- Foreign commemorative stamps (Austria, Germany, Roumania, Slovakia, Sowiet Union, America)

BIDS ACCEPTED TILL: 20th of September 2009. 24:00 (CET) and 130. Profila Special K. und K. Navy Auction – Hungarian river and see shipping27th of September 2009. (Sunday) 24:00 CET

Mail AuctionOur offer:- K.u.K Navy Naval philately, postal history, cancellations Postcards (torpedoboat, submarine, etc.) Danube Flottilla, river guard postcards- Hungarian river and see shipping:- Danube shipping company- Balaton shipping- Tisza shipping

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