11. 12. 2015

Exponet: Pošta přepravená vzducholodí U.S.S. Shenandoah

This single frame exhibit is truly remarkable for the following reasons: 1. The 1924 Transcontinental Flight was an outstanding achievemant in Naval Aviation history. It was the first time an airship flew about 10.000 miles round-trip acress the United States and back. The flight was difficult and dangerous. Only a small amount of unofficial mail was carried and very limited number of post cards were dropped enroute. This exhibit has the only reported Shenandoah cover carried on the flight with postage due franking and the only reported Shenandoah Registered Mail. 2. The original Western Union Telegram from Mr. Steinmetz to Mr. Stanton about 10 covers for Lakehurst Shenandoah mail is shown on page 2. It is the most important Shenandoah research the collector has discovered in 30 years. 3. This exhibit displays seven Sky Mail Drop Cards flown and dropped over six different cities. Dropped cards have cancels from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Pecos, Clarksville, Dayton and Philadelphia. Only three crew members drop cards have been reported. This exhibit features two of them; one from Pecos and one from Philadelphia. The drop cards over Los Angeles, San Francisco and Philadelphia are the only ones reported to date and have not appeared in any airmail publication and have only been seen in this exhibit and are otherwise unknown. 4. Covers from the Governors' Conference Flight have different and interesting franking; one was sent to a crew member of U.S.S. Los Angeles, sister airship of Shenandoah. Another is a Steinmetz cover with U.S.S. Patoka cancel. 5. The Steinmetz crash cover is one of only two reported crash covers in existence today. 6. The exhibit has two letters written on official Shenandoah stationery; one sent and signed by Commander Landsdowne and another taken from the crash and given to an Ohio State Investigator by the airship's Navigator Lt. Rosendahl, then sent to a co-worker in Columbus, Ohio. 7. Covers in this exhibit are in excellent condition considering that they are each over 85 years old. 8. This exhibit is the only time seven Sky Mail Drop Cards have been displayed. It has taken a period of 25 years to acquire and research these items. 9. Only a sparse amount of published information relating to Shenandoah mail exists. The exhibitor has collaborated with Cheryl Ganz in publishing an article about the only known registered cover flown on Shenandoah, and who sent it. The commentary appears in the Jack Knight Air Log published by the American Air Mail Society. Original research used in the preparation of this exhibit was obtained and developed in communications with several Shenandoah collectors including airship authorities, Cheryl Ganz and William O. Boss. IT IS ABUNDANTLY CLEAR THIS EXHIBIT IS UNIQUE AND CAN NOT BE DUPLICATED !
Majitel (autor) exponátu: Auktionshaus Christoph Gärtner GmbH & Co. KG, Bietigheim-Bissingen, Německo