12. 3. 2016

ABPS Exhibitions, Congress and International Newsletter, March 2016

International Exhibitions
Taipei 2016: 21st to 26th October 2016: FIP Patronage FIAP Auspices
Closing date is imminent. Contact Commissioner today if you are interested in exhibiting at this show. 
PHILATAIPEI 2016 World Stamp Championship and Exhibition
Taipei World Trade Centre, Exhibition Hall 1.
Finlandia 2017: 24th to 28th May 2017: FIP Recognition and FEPA Patronage
Tampere-Hall, Tampere, Finland. Open to exhibitors from all FEPA countries, the United States of America and Australia. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Finland.
National Exhibitions see http://www.abps.org.uk/Exhibiting/Exhibitions/index.xalter
York Fair: 15th to 16th July 2016
A full national exhibition with all classes.
The Philatelic Congress of Great Britain: 21st July to 24th July 2016. 
The 2016 Philatelic Congress will be held at the Belfry Hotel, Cambourne near Cambridge.
This prestigious annual event which includes the signing of the Roll of Distinguished philatelists, will be held at the hotel, the signing will take place at St John's College, and the Congress Dinner at Jesus College. Contact Colin@stamps.org.uk
Autumn Stampex: 14th to 17th September 2016
A full national exhibition with all classes with the lead society being the King George VI Society
There is also a three day International Cinderella Congress which will take place at the same time.
Spring Stampex: 15th to 18th February 2017 
A full national exhibition with all classes and countries, but focussing on the former Ottoman Empire (including North Africa, Egypt and the Balkan States, plus Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Trans-Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Gulf States). Other exhibits will be accepted including those of Iran.
Other informations: http://www.abps.org.uk/Home/index.xalter