26. 2. 2017

Paddle Steamer "Prague"

Issue of the commemorative postage stamp HISTORICAL VEHICLES: PADDLE STEAMER PRAGUE
On the 8th March, 2017 the Ministry of  Industry and Trade  of the Czech Republic will  issue a commemorative postage stamp in the denomination of 16 CZK from the issue Historical Vehicles: The Paddle Steamer Prague. The stamp depicts a non-traditional view of the paddle steamer Prague from the left stern.
The paddle steamer Prague is the latest in a series of steamships, which builds on already issued emissions from previous years.The paddle steamer Prague styled PRAHA-PRAG was completed in the early August of 1865. The operator had to build wooden landing bridges, hire members of the crew and provide them with crew uniforms. The opening ceremony was held on the 26th August, 1865. It was attended by the company shareholders, journalists and prominent Prague personalities such as Prague’s mayor Dr. Bělský, vice-governor Count  Leopold Lažanský, Czech industrialist Vojtěch Lanna and others. After 27th August, 1865, the Prague sailed between Prague and Zbraslav three times a day and successfully finished a full season of cruises. The operator PPS launched another large steamer, the Vyšehrad (a namesake of today’s steamer Vyšehrad from the late 1920s), in the next season. One steamer was then used on the regular route between Prague and Štěchovice and the other one sailed twice a day on the Prague-Zbraslav route. 
The author of the design of  the  issue  is  the academic painter and graphic artist Pavel Sivko, the engraving of FDC is the work of the graphic artist and engraver  Bohumil Šneider.
The stamp, sized 40 x 23 mm  has been printed  by  the Post  Printing House in Prague  by multicoloured offset in printing sheets of 50 pcs. 
There  will be  1 First Day Cover incl. commemorative cancellation. In the picture part of the cover the author depicted a standing helmsman steering a boat. The cover has been printed by recess print from flat plates. The handstamp contains a motif of a rope and knots and the text: PRAHA, 8.3.2017.
The stamp is valid  from 8th March, 2017.  
On the 8th March, 2017 also 1 Carte maximum with a  picture of The Paddle Steamer Prague will be issued  to complete this issue.

Date of issue:   8th March, 2017
Graphic arrangement:   Pavel Sivko
Engraving of FDC:   Bohumil Šneider
Picture size:   40 x 23 mm
Face value:   16 CZK
Method of the printing of the stamp:   multicoloured offset 
Method of the printing of the FDC:   recess print from flat plats 
Number of stamps in the printing sheet:   50 pcs 
Number of the FDC´s:   1 pc
Subject of the stamp:   a non-traditional view of the paddle steamer Prague from the left stern
Subject of the  FDC:   a standing helmsman steering a boat
Editor:   Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic
Producer:   Post Printing House, Ortenovo nám. 16, CZ-170 04 Praha 7
Supplier:   PostFila, Export Department, Ortenovo nám. 16, CZ-170 24 Praha 7