4. 2. 2018

FIP exhibition in Bangkok

Forgive me for intruding but you have I believe shown interest in exhibiting philatelic material before or would like to
I attach an announcement about the FIP exhibition in Bangkok at the end of this year and encourage you to exhibit. Of particular interest is the inclusion of Open Philately and Modern (post 1980) classes.
The announcement is pasted below for your convenience and I look forward to hearing from you. Exhibitors from countries with their own Commissioners should of course contact them. Every good wish
Peter Cockburn, UK Commissioner
THAILAND 2018 BANGKOK, World stamp exhibition
28TH November to 3rd December 2018
Competitive entries are solicited for this prestigious Asian FIP Exhibition.
The usual rules apply and all classes, including Literature and Single Frame exhibits are requested but the New Class OPEN PHILATELY is available too.  Closing date for UK entries to the Commissioner here is March 5th 2018 but fees are not payable until August and are likely to be no more than £100 per frame.  
Full details are available on www.thailand2018.org
Further enquiries to Peter Cockburn pfcockburn@aol.com, 07771563552 UK Commissioner