29. 8. 2014

Personalities: Karel the Elder of Zierotin (1564–1636)

Issue of the commemorative postage stamp
Personalities: Karel the Elder of Zierotin (1564–1636)

On the 3rd September, 2014 the Ministry of  Industry and Trade  of the Czech Republic will  issue a commemorative postage stamp in the denomination of 29 CZK from the issue of Personalities. On the stamp is depicted Karel the Elder of Zierotin.
Karel the Elder of Žerotín (Zierotin) was born on the 15th September 1564 in Brandýs nad Orlicí and died on the 9th October 1636 in Přerov. He was an important Moravian nobleman, politician, writer and Moravian patriot.
He graduated from the Czech Brethren school in Ivančice, later studying at evangelical schools in Strasbourg and Basel. He was raised in the Czech Brethren faith and in adulthood he became a protector and secular head of the United Brethren in Moravia. Between 1578 and 1587 he studied law, theology and languages and traveled around Europe, establishing many contacts with major European politicians. He mastered Latin, Italian, French and German. In 1583, after the death of his father, Jan the Elder of Žerotín, he took over the Brandýs nad Orlicí estate as well as the Rosice estate, on account of which he became a member of the Czech Estates Society (Česká stavovská obec). Later he inherited from his uncle, Bedřich the Elder of Žerotín, the Přerov estate, and in 1616, after the death of his brother Jan Diviš, the Náměšť nad Oslavou estate. Through his estates, he built an extensive dominion in the west and in the east of Moravia. Karel also became a supporter of Jan Ámos Komenský (Comenius), whom he commissioned for the drafting of Žerotín genealogy and in the years 1611–1613 financed his studies in the German lands.
In 1591 he fought in France, on the side of the Huguenots and King Henry IV of Navarra, which made  the Emperor Rudolf II his enemy. In 1594 he became a member of the Moravian Provincial Court. He was also the Moravian regional director of finance. In addition to that, he became involved in the wars against the Turks: he led the Moravian cavalry. Gradually he became the leader of the Estates´ opposition, and therefore in 1599 he was accused by the provincial under chamberlain, Zikmund of Dietrichstein, of defaming of the imperial majesty and creating treasonous links with France and the Palatine elector. The accusation was not based on truth, which was also shown in the subsequent trial. However, this trial had a heavy influence on the life of Karel the Elder, as after it he was removed from office and he  lived in seclusion for several years. 
After the Battle of White Mountain (1620), he was one of the few non-Catholics who received an offer to remain on their estates. After the issuing of the Renewed Land Ordinance, he retained the Brandýs nad Orlicí and Přerov estates in his possession. At this time he tried to assist (especially financially) the victims of re-Catholization in Moravia and Bohemia. He also sought to support the Unity of Brethren by trying to secure to its members  exile in Hungary and especially Poland. Thanks to him, the Brethren succeeded in moving the printing works of the Unity from their stronghold in Kralice nad Oslavou to Polish Leszno, and their library to Wróclaw (Breslau). In 1629, Karel voluntarily left the country, but he continued to visit Moravia and Bohemia. From 1633 he lived in Přerov where he died. He was buried first in Brandýs nad Orlicí in by the local Brethren congregation, but later his remains were moved to the Žerotín crypt in a church in Bludov.
The author of the design of  the  issue  is  the academic painter and graphic artist Karel Zeman, the engravings are the work of the graphic artist and engraver  Jaroslav Tvrdoň..
The stamp, sized 40 x 23 mm  has been printed  by  the Post  Printing House in Prague  by rotary recess print in black combined with photogravure in red, brown, yellow and ocher green in printing sheets of 50 pcs. 
There  will be  1 First Day Cover incl. commemorative cancellation. In the picture part of the cover is depicted the coat of arms of Zierotins. The cover is  printed by recess print from flat plates in red-brown. On the postmark is the coat of arms and the text: Brandýs nad Orlicí, 3.9.2014
The stamp is valid  from 3rd September, 2014.
Issue of the commemorative postage stamp
Date of issue: 3rd September, 2014
Graphic arrangement: Karel Zeman
Engraver: Jaroslav Tvrdoň
Picture size: 40 x 23 mm
Face value: 29 CZK
Method of the printing of the stamp: rotary recess print in black combined with photogravure in red, brown,yellow and ocher green
Method of the printing of the FDC: recess print from flat plates in red-brown
Number of stamps in the printing sheet: 50 pcs 
Number of the FDC´s: 1 pc
Subject of the stamp: a portrait of Karel the Elder of Zierotin
Subject of the FDC: a coat of arms of Zierotins
Editor: Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic
Producer: Post Printing House, Ortenovo nám. 16, 
CZ-170 04 Praha 7
Supplier: PostFila, Export Department, 
Ortenovo nám. 16, CZ-170 24 Praha 7
Česká pošta, s.p.